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Monday, September 20, 2010

Camp Etiquette

This isn’t meant for anyone specifically, but for everyone in general

– just some things to keep in mind to help make everyone's time at Camp Crop-A-Lot enjoyable.

  • Please bring a sweater or jacket. The rooms will be kept on the cool side. It's so much easier to put on a sweater vs. having to deal with hot flashes or pregnancy induced sweats or any other issue some of us are "blessed" with. Please do not adjust the thermostats.

  • No burning of candles, incense, etc. We don't need the sprinklers coming on and ruining the $1.5 million worth of paper and stickers and other necessary things we have to have while scrapbooking (that's just an estimate – we’re quite sure that the actual value of the paper and scrapbooking supplies in the rooms is MUCH higher but we’re too afraid to add it up).

  • Please - no really strong perfume or other smelly stuff Sensitive noses say "Thank You"

  • Please do not rearrange the tables and/or where people are seated. Space is calculated down to the nearest millimeter (slight exaggeration) and we don't want to make anyone think they're getting cheated. Everyone starts out with the same amount of space & we try (really hard!) to make sure you're seated by who you want to be seated by.
  • Please do not bring additional tables - we just don't have enough room for everyone to do this.

  • Camp starts at 5 p.m. on Friday and ends on 5 p.m. on Sunday. Coming before or staying later just isn't an option. If it ever is we promise to let you know!
  • Please use earphones if you’ll be listening to music or something other than the music provided.       

  • Please keep the aisles and areas between tables clear – there is room under your table and beside you to keep your totes!

  • Please do not promote competing products. Camp Crop-A-Lot is made possible because of the hard work of many consultants that respect your right to purchase and use any products you choose. If you are not associated with one of the organizing consultants please refrain from promoting your products.

  • Deadlines can't be extended and exceptions can't be made They have to be adhered to in order to keep it fair for everyone. Thanks for understanding.

  • Have Fun! That's not a guideline - it's a rule.

Let us know how we can help make your time at Camp the best it can be!