Please Read the Policies!

Please be sure to click on the Rules & Policies tab above and be sure to review them. By registering for our weekend you are agreeing to abide by them.

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Rules, Policies & Other Necessary Things

Rules, policies & other necessary things.

We want our events to be fun for everyone! Over the years we've learned what works & also what doesn't. Realizing that we can't be everything to everyone we ask that you review the policies listed below. When you register for our events you're agreeing to respect and follow the rules listed here.  We always welcome input and are constantly reviewing the experience we offer to try to make it the best we can. The retreat organizers strive to keep our weekends drama free and appreciate you're effort in this area, too!
By registering for our event you are agreeing to the policies, guidelines & other items listed below.
Please send your registration form and payment (including any fees for classes you’d like to take) to your consultant.
Weekend Retreat Cancellation/Refund Policy:
If you cancel more than 14 days before the event AND we are able to fill your spot we will refund your registration fee minus $25.
As long as we are legally allowed to gather, we will do so safely.  If the mandates put forth by the State of Michigan, local government and/or the event venue forces us to cancel the event, then we will issue refunds and/or credits, depending on how they are given to the event organizers.

  • No one under 18 is allowed to attend the weekend retreat – this includes infants. Supervised children are welcome to pop in for a quick visit but they are not allowed to stay in the crop rooms/areas for extended periods of time. 
  • Social Distancing practices must be followed as dictated by the venue as well as any additional instruction that are communicated via email, posted to the blog, signs in crop rooms, etc.
  • No selling of products unless you are a participating vendor.
  • Please bring a sweater or jacket. The rooms will be kept on the cool side. It's so much easier to put on a sweater vs. having to deal with hot flashes or pregnancy induced sweats or any other issue some of us are "blessed" with. Please do not adjust the thermostats.
  • Meals and snacks that are provided throughout the weekend are only for those that pay to attend our event. I know it looks like there is a lot of food available but it really does matter if you feed your kids/husband/friends. We order enough for our scrapbookers and no extras in an effort to keep costs down.
  • Please do not ask the hotel staff for items that are not on the menu. We have tried to make the menu flexible to accommodate most diets and tastes but, unfortunately, this still may not work for everyone. Fortunately there are several good restaurants in the area to choose from should you need other menu options. Sorry, we can not discount our retreat price for meals croppers do not eat.
  • Please bring a covered cup for use with all beverages in the crop rooms, with the Keurig machine, etc.
  • No burning of candles, incense, etc. We don't need the sprinklers coming on and ruining the $1.5 million worth of paper and stickers and other necessary things we have to have while scrapbooking (that's just an estimate – we’re quite sure that the actual value of the paper and scrapbooking supplies in the rooms is MUCH higher but we’re too afraid to add it up).
  • Please - no strong perfume, oils, diffusers or other smelly stuff (including scrapbook related products.) Sensitive noses and asthmatics say "Thank You."
  • If you have not registered for extra space, please don’t spread to a full table. It’s unfair to the croppers that have paid extra to upgrade.
  • Please do not rearrange the tables and/or where people are seated. Space is calculated down to the nearest millimeter (slight exaggeration) and we don't want to make anyone think they're getting cheated. Everyone starts out with the same amount of space & we try (really hard!) to make sure you're seated by who you want to be seated by.
  • Please do not bring additional tables - we just don't have enough room for everyone to do this. If space and conditions allow we'll request to have tables around the edge of the rooms. Please do not ask the hotel to bring extra tables.
  • Weekend retreats start at 5 p.m. on Friday and end on 5 p.m. on Sunday. Coming before or staying later just isn't an option. If it ever is we promise to let you know!
  • Please use earphones if you’ll be listening to music or something other than the music provided.
  • Please be a good neighbor. Make sure your conversations are appropriate for those around you (both volume and content) and put cell phones on silent or vibrate.
  • Please make/take phone calls/face time outside the crop room.
  • Bringing your own earphones and music is strongly encouraged. Most scrapbookers are friendly & like to talk. Some like to talk a lot! Listening to your own music might be a great way to escape for a bit while still being able to get some cropping done.
  • Please keep the aisles and areas between tables clear – there is room under your table and beside you to keep your totes!
  • Please do not promote competing products. Our weekend retreat is made possible because of the hard work of many consultants that respect your right to purchase and use any products you choose. If you are not associated with one of the organizing consultants or vendors please refrain from promoting your products.
  • Deadlines can't be extended and exceptions can't be made They have to be adhered to in order to keep it fair for everyone. Thanks for understanding.
  • We are scrapbookers – there will be pictures taken. Organizers of the retreat may use photos taken during the event on their blogs, Facebook Groups/Pages and other locations.
  • Have Fun! That's not a guideline - it's a rule.

    • By attending our retreats, you consent to the use of photos or video in which you may appear.
    • We are happy to share our scrapbooking tools and some supplies but please understand that the scrapbook equipment provided as a convenience for your use may cause injury if not used correctly and/or carefully. The organizers of Camp Crop-A-Lot will be held harmless for any injuries sustained as a result from the use of the equipment which has been provided for your use during the event.
    • Retreat & event organizers, will be held harmless against any loss, expenses, damages and liabilities in the event of injury or accident that may occur or has occurred at a weekend retreat or other event.
    • The organizers of the event will not be held responsible for damages, lost or stolen items.
PLEASE don't hesitate to let us know how we can help make your time at our event the best it can be!