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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Mary, our QOTC

Cheryl & Mary

It is with very heavy hearts that we share that Mary, our Spring '19 Queen of the Crop, lost her battle with breast cancer in November.  
Scrapbooking and memory keeping were very important for Mary and we thought that we could come together  to help Mary's family to continue to preserve their memories.

We will be donating an album and items to Brian (Mary's husband) so that he & their son, Austin can continue to preserve their memories.  A table will be in Kathy's room downstairs to collect pre-decorated pages and they can add photos at a later time.  Kathy discussed this idea with Brian and Cheryl (Mary's sister and cropping buddy.)  They are very touched by this act of kindness as they know how important scrapbooking and memory keeping was for Mary. 

We hope you'll take some time out of your weekend to put a page or two together.  All themes are welcome - holiday, birthday, school pages, etc.   Austin is in second grade and will be making his first communion this year.  
Rest in peace, Mary.  You are missed.

Spring 2019 Meals

* Denotes Gluten Free
Other items may be gluten free as well but we’ve asked the hotel to make sure these denoted items are gluten free.
Garden salad*
Build your own taco bar with ground beef* & refried beans*
Chips & salsa
Cinnamon tortillas with vanilla sauce
Iced Tea & assorted sodas
Breakfast – anytime in the snack room
Yogurt* & various breakfast breads.
Soup & Salad Buffet
Minestrone soup
Build Your Own Chicken Caesar Salad
(Gluten free chicken strips)*
Seasoned potato chips
Chocolate mousse
Coffee, Tea & Lemonade
Pasta Salad
Chicken Piccata
Wild rice pilaf
Chef's choice of vegetables
Coffee, tea & assorted soft drinks
Assorted desserts
Scrambled eggs,* bacon,* potatoes* & fresh fruit,*
assorted pastries.  Tea, coffee & juice
Build your own sandwich
Assorted breads, lunchmeats* & cheeses*
Grilled veggies*
Iced tea & lemonade